Explaining how you met online: No need to be embarassed and why


More and more couples are finding their other half online so there is no need to be red-faced!

You may not have pumped into one another at the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris while you read Simone de Beauvoir and he browsed through Jean-Paul Sarte, or sat beside each other on a train bound to Rome, or had a kismet moment one night at a London nightclub, but it all began with a click and wink on POF.com but the rest is still history. Case in point: Alex and Aggie of CaughtMyFish.com who each found their keeper fish on POF.com. So, why should you not be embarrassed over how you first met? Markus Frind, Founder of POF.com, explains why.

How come meeting online is perfectly fine and normal in your opinion?

Because it is normal! People lead very busy and demanding lives, and have become quite fond of incorporating technology into almost every facet of their everyday routines. Online dating on POF has evolved into a very interactive experience, allowing people to meet each other essentially right away if they are interested.

What is the embarrassment all about?

The stigma is fading very quickly, especially as the whole landscape of the industry has changed with the shift to mobile. Many couples are proud to have met on the site, as they are convinced they wouldn't have met otherwise. When it comes down to it, the misconceptions about online dating don't carry much weight when so many people are meeting their mate in the process.

Do you have any words of wisdom to those who have friends and/or family that won't fully accept their relationship because it happened through online dating?

Just be honest! People can usually tell when two people are very happy together, and it shouldn't matter how you met.

What is the prejudice towards couples who met online all about?

I personally have a number of friends and colleagues who have met their significant others through online dating, and they certainly don't seem to think they are subject to prejudice over how they met. I suppose experiences vary, but if people are getting negative reactions, it's largely due to someone not understanding how the process works, or being uncomfortable with it.

Is there a way to explain how you met without shocking the traditional folks too much?

Honesty is the best policy. Couples usually really enjoy sharing the story of how they met, and it doesn't really matter how it came to pass when so many positive emotions are involved. It's up to them to decide how to share their story with others!

One couple who are thrilled to inspire others to go digital fishing for their better half: Alex and Aggie. One look at this duo's mutual delight in one another's presence is more than enough to inspire any singleton to log on and let love in!

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