A-List Links: George Clooney In Bed With Cindy Crawford

George Clooney & Cindy Crawford

Plus, David Beckham strips down ... again.

New year, new couples, new drama. Can't keep up? Not to worry. Twice a week, we're here to give you all the dirt you've missed.

Need some new romantic tunes in your life? Well, lucky for you Beyonce announced via Twitter that a little band called Destiny's Child has reunited for a new album. When will "Love Songs" be available? (HaveUHeard)

"It Could Happen." That's the tagline to the new commercial for Casamigos Tequila that includes the stunny Cindy Crawford laying in bed with the equally-sexy man candy George Clooney. You've got to see this. (TheCelebrityCafe)

Want to see more sexy photos? No shame in that! We'll take a late holiday gift any time if it comes in the form of half-naked David Beckham. Wouldn't you? (Crushable)

We told you that NeNe Leakes and her ex-husband are now getting remarried. So, how did he propose? (WetPaint)

It seems that Brandi Glainville can't stay out of ex-husband Eddie Cibrian's life. First LeAnn Rimes, now she's confronting a different mistress. (Latina)

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