The Katherine Webb Obsession: Are Crushes Contagious?

Katherine Webb

How one announcer's crush turned into a nationwide obsession.

Remember that girl from middle school, high school, college — maybe you even know her now. You know, the one who you never revealed your crushes to out of fear she'd suddenly start obsessing over them too? The crush stealer.

I knew one well. The second you let it slip who you liked, you were doomed. She'd be flirting by his locker by the last period of the day and they'd be dating by end of the month.

After America became addicted to Katherine Webb overnight, it's become more obvious: We're all crush stealers.

When ESPN announcer Brent Musburger was caught on camera saying Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb was a beautiful woman during the BCS national championship on Monday, the public suddenly turned into 14-year-olds at a Justin Bieber concert. 

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett asked her out on Twitter that night. By the next day she gained over 100,000 new Twitter followers — one reportedly being Lebron James. She's been splashed across the hompages of ESPN, TMZ, USA Today all week, and men across the country are still pouring their hearts out for her on their Facebook pages.  

I'm not saying she's not gorgeous, but why did it take this one guy's comment and a camera focusing on her in the stands to unleash such a frenzy. As the reigning Miss Alabama, Webb has been in the spotlight before but she's just getting the attention now. 

It reminds me of The Bachelor franchise. The bachelor or bachelorette at the moment suddenly becomes the object of affection for not just 20 contestants — but all of America. Once one person is smitten, the whole nation is crushing on the same person.

Are we actually all attracted to these people and it's just brought to our attention by someone else? Or do we want something to obsess over and someone else's approval makes it easier?

What do you think? Are crushes contagious? 

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