Breastfeeding Problems: Moms Stage A Nurse-In At The Mall


A new year, a new breastfeeding drama.

It all started when mother of three, Brittany Warfield, nursed her 7-month-old near the entrance of a Hollister store in a mall. She was sitting on a bench, covering her baby with a jacket. That’s when the store manager approached her. "He said, 'You can't do this here. This is not where you do that," she said. "You can’t do that on Hollister property. We don't allow that.' I said, 'It's Texas. I can breastfeed anywhere I like.’ He said, ‘Not at Hollister. Your stroller is blocking the way. You have to go.'"

After hearing about this alleged incident, that’s when moms-turned-lactivists Autumne Murray, Diana Hitchens, and Jessica Hitchens, staged a nurse-in at the Hollister store in Delaware’s Concord Mall in protest. The three women nursed their babies while walking around the store, when they found themselves in the same situation as Brittany Warfield.

"Two security guards walked up to us,” said Autumne Murray to NBC. "They started questioning us and asking us why we were exposing ourselves and saying that we needed to leave or cover up. We got in an argument with them about it for a little bit and then they left."

A state trooper who was on his typical patrol even got invovled. "He was asking if we were exposing ourselves saying that the security guards said we were exposing ourselves and that we could be kicked out of the mall if we didn’t cover up," Murray said.

Following the nurse-in, the contract security officer who approached them was sent home from the mall (so at least the mall had that much common sense), but it still has us asking, why does breastfeeding — something natural — still stir up so much drama? Why do nurse-ins even have to take place and even more troubling, why are they still getting this kind of reaction (and subsequent news coverage) even in a state like Delaware where according to state law, women are allowed to breastfeed in any location (public or private)?

Let's stop bullying these moms and their babies. Then, maybe ladies like Autumne Murray, Diana Hitchens and Jessica Hitchens, won't feel pressured to be lactivists and they can go back to enjoy being moms.

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