Penis Care Tips for the Winning Man


Learn how to build a better penis through proper penis care and maintenance tips.

Build a better penis – there’s no more direct and straightforward way for us to say it. Your penis commands respect and care, and frequently happiness (especially when rock-hard and ready for yummy bedroom action). So why not take good care of it and make it so covetable not only with wearing cockrings, but also regularly grooming and maintaining it?

Here are some tips to smarten up about penis care, courtesy of AskMen:

1. GROOM. Genital grooming should be a part of your regular penis health care routine. Take, for instance, the many benefits of having hairless genitals, including improved cleanliness, reduced moisture, sexual attractiveness, increased sensitivity during sexual intercourse, and a bigger-looking package. On the contrary, you may find that grooming is tedious, laborious, painful and pricey (if you’re waxing), induces irritation, and can cause or spread infections.

Here’s the thing: a handful of women find a “manscaped” guy attractive and nice to have sex with. But since shaving and waxing can have consequences (like spreading nasty infections), you may simply trim your pubic hair with a razor. Use a mild shaving cream or soap with it, followed by a moisturizing aftershave or warm salt water.

2. WASH. But you don’t have to vigorously scrub your tool with harsh soaps or disinfectants to clean it up. Just go for warm water and a mild soap or non-soap cleanser. For those who are uncircumcised, you should slide the foreskin back, washing the head of the exposed penis with warm water and not soap. Dry the area thoroughly. Beware, though: both under-washing and over-washing have been linked to inflammation of the head or penis itself, called balanitis. Avoid scented soaps or shower gels at the first sign of irritation, and replace them with warm salt water.

3. SELF-EXAMINE. It is particularly important to conduct genital self-examination if you are a sexually active male individual. Be on the lookout for sexually transmitted diseases, or even testicular cancer. For the former, check for signs of penile discharge, change in smell or color of semen, blood in the urine or semen, pain during urination or ejaculation, pain in the pelvic area, painless red sores, bumps, small blisters, and cauliflower-like warts around your package.

As for testicular cancer, do a monthly self-exam and be alert against any hard lumps or nodules (smooth round masses) or any change in the shape, size, or consistency of your testes. However, do not mistake the epididymis or the blood vessels and spermatic cord extending from the testicles as cancer.

Sure, your penis is a tool for pleasure and procreation, but it needs proper and regular care just like other parts of your body and other aspects of your health and life. It’s not all about supersizing it (with the use of an erection ring and other methods), because at the end of the day you have to get down to the basics of grooming, cleanliness, and self-check for any sign of disease.