Jenny McCarthy Vows To Bring Sexy Back To Late Night TV

Jenny McCarthy

Will Jenny's new hosting gig make a salacious splash in late night TV?

Former Singled Out co-host Jenny McCarthy will now control all the hosting reigns on her very own late night talk show. The Jenny McCarthy Show will premiere February 8 at 10:30 PM on VH1, and she is expecting to amp up her program with a "bit of sexiness", which she claims is missing from the current Late Night hosts.

"Not that Jay Leno is not sexy," McCarthy defended. But then added that her show was pitched as more as a Playboy After Dark. "I love that Hugh Hefner did was kind of have this ... sexy, after hours party, but also have really great conversations with his guests. That was really my goal and that's our goal now as we do... rehearsals—trying to incorporate that kind of sexiness with having really great conversations with celebrities." 

And if anyone remembers watching McCarthy on the popular MTV '90s dating show, you'll recall that she was a little, must we say, wild with her co-hosting duties. McCarthy was known for making lewd gestures toward the camera and for her unrestrained touching of the male contestants. And, if her hosting appearance during the New Year's Eve festivities proved anything (for those of you who didn't see it or read about it, Ms. McCarthy totally full-on made out with a sailor celebrating in Times Square), she's still the same old girl from 20 years back, and likely perfectly capable of making her show as sexy as she claims it will be. 

But there's more proof than just McCarthy's unpredictable past. According to Yahoo News, the actress and mom recently hinted at what's to be expected.

"I wanted to kind of put my own stamp on how I do celebrity interviews, so I've been doing a segment right now called 'Groundbreaking Interviews,' where I take the celebrity and we literally lay on the ground and we look up and we have the camera overhead and I interview them in a casual conversation," she said. "And I've found by doing this, which I've tested—Bradley Cooper—it works quite well. There's something that [happens where] the celebrity kind of lets go and has a little bit more of a conversational tone. It's not so scripted."

Additionally, she plans to possibly find a few dates out of this—but not love. "I actually want to put blind dates on my show," the mother of 12-year-old Evan said. "I am having fun, but as much as I'd love to fall in love, I can't right now," the star said.

We think McCarthy will certainly make her new show sexy, but we have to disagree with her statement that Late Night isn't already sexy. What about Chelsea Handler? Handler is also known for her verbally risqué comments, and her persona is not unlike McCarthy's own. So, while her new show may add a new element of sexiness to late night TV, it's certainly not short of it.

Tell us: Will you watch Jenny McCarthy's new late night talk show?

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