Advantages of Using the Best Penis Ring in Bed


Learn what the best penis ring can do your overall sexual experience!

There are a hundred and one ways to improve your sex life, among which is the use of adult toys like a glass cockring and cock and balls toys (CBT) of varying materials. Cock rings mainly assist men stay “alert” for a longer time, resulting not only in bigger and better erections but also more controlled ejaculations and more powerful orgasms.

Too good to be true? Read on to know more about these toys for the big boys, and where to find the best penis ring.

Cock Rings 101

A cock ring works to constrict the blood in the penis from flowing out, mainly to help men have a longer-lasting erection. It also increases organ sensitivity, making the orgasms more intense and therefore enjoyable. But it serves not just men, but also women through clitoral stimulation. No wonder cock rings are so popular – they are relatively inexpensive and spell much more fun in bed!

Cock rings can be used alone, or along with a condom. Since they slow down the whole process of draining blood from your penis, you would be able to stay rock-hard for an extensive period of time. Women get extra stimulation from a hard tool during sex, and more than enough ladies can attest to the power of these adult rings that they themselves buy their man a piece!

There are a handful of cockring varieties out there today, and one important reminder is that not every kind would be suitable for you. You’ll more likely try out a few types of rings before you can find one that you’d love to stick with. Choose from a leather, silicone, metal, or glass cockring; some kinds may even offer multiple rings and strap and even bullet vibrators to boot.

As for clitoral stimulation, there are rings that are protruding and can therefore be useful to stimulate your lady’s clitoris, anus, or vulva during lovemaking. More intense orgasms for women, too!

Before You Buy Your First Cock Ring…

If you are a beginner, there are a number of important things to remember. These adult toys, like others, would probably not provide a universal result to everyone. The cock ring should be placed tightly on a flaccid penis, and it should not be worn for longer period (only a maximum of 30 minutes at a time, for example). The right size and constriction are key, too.

An overused or too-tight cockring can damage your penis, so exercise due caution. If you feel any sign of pain or discomfort, take the ring off. Those who are drinking alcohol and with diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and are on any type of medication for blood thinning should also avoid cockring use.