How to Improve Your Sexual Stamina


Power up your performance in bed – not necessarily with the best cock rings!

Adding spice to the sex and your performance isn’t all about just using the best cock rings and exploring every male enhancement method possible. It’s also about getting back to the most basic yet most important things – appreciating the little things, thinking big, and so on. Heck, you don’t even have to be a sex guru to give her that earth-shattering experience!

We got hold of these tips from Men’s Health UK on how to improve your sexual stamina – and you won’t necessarily need a closed horse shoe cockring to make them happen!

1. Thing big on your first night together. Summon that image of her seeing your package for the first time, and how it makes her feel sexy, desired, and raring for more. If you think the big first night is near (after a few dates of wining and dining and just clean fun), prepare yourself: stop making love to yourself for around two to three days before. This will make your erection bigger, stronger, and more appreciated. There’s another handy trick, too: flex your abs as your take off your boxers, as this forces blood into the head and makes it swell temporarily.

2. Go easy on the alcohol. Sure, anniversaries are a moment to celebrate with champagne. But you might want to hold back a little, as alcohol depresses testosterone levels and champagne speeds its absorption. This means one grim possibility: you might be less able to keep it up later when it’s needed.

3. Rediscover the magic of massage. You can reduce the period between your refractory period, which is the time in between ejaculation and another erection. Use massage – ask your lady love to give you one and keep you stimulated through touch. Massage also relieves tension in your thrusting muscles, improves blood flow, and encourages a new erection for brand-new action.

4. Harness the “morning glory.” Sleep well, sleep tight, and heed the call of lovemaking as the dawn breaks. Head to the shower if your erection wakes you up, as being fresh and sweet-smelling will make a piece of attractive meat for your girl. There’s higher likeliness that she’ll give you some “oral” loving if she knows you’ve washed yourself clean and ready for action.

If you’re the kind of guy who wants to stick to his trusty erection ring, the best cock rings are within reach as well. Just make sure you get the type and material best for you and your needs, and you exercise due caution when using the adult toys. For instance, wear your ring for no more than 30 minutes at a time, and never sleep while it is on. Wear and use it the right way and you’re on the way to shared pleasure for you and your partner!