We Predicted It: Are Jake Gyllenhaal & Katie Holmes Dating?

Katie Holmes & Jake Gyllenhaal

Rumor has it, these two may be getting to know each other romantically.

We shared with you our New Year's resolutions for some of our favorite celebrities, which included the gorgeous Katie Holmes. We were hoping she would cozy up with someone like Jake Gyllenhaal, you know, someone nice and normal—unlike ex-husband Tom Cruise.

It turns out this may have come true. Sources say that the two were introduced by Holmes' Dawson's Creek co-star Joshua Jackson! Grazia magazine has reported that the two have been getting closer and she's been eating dinner at his NYC apartment.

Gyllenhaal and Holmes have both been on Broadway over the past few months— Holmes in Dead Accounts and Gyllenhaal in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet.

"Josh has been the mastermind behind this romance," a source told the magazine. "Katie says that they have tons in common and Jake has already been to see her in Dead Accounts, plus she has been over to his apartment in the West Village for dinner."

So, it's just rumors for now ... but if the two do confirm their romance, we told you first!

Tell us: do you think Jake Gyllenhaal & Katie Holmes make a good pair?

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