How to Use your Steam Cleaners


Steam cleaning is a term which is often associated with carpet cleaning but this cannot be further

Steam cleaning is a term which is often associated with carpet cleaning but this cannot be farther from the truth because most commercial carpet cleaning machines today use heated water, and not steam to clean carpets. On the other hand, steam cleaners use heated vapour that uses less water than your conventional cleaning methods.

Steam vapour is used to quickly clean and sanitize various surfaces and because of the fact that it uses very little water, surfaces cleaned with steam can get dried quickly but the process is effective enough to clean most surfaces and even sterilize them. Today, there are various companies which make steam cleaners today and there are models for home use, as well as models for industrial use.

Types of Steam Cleaners

There are two basic varieties of steam cleaners and they are categorized according to the steam which is created in the equipment.

Cool but more humid steam cleaner

This kind of steam cleaner generates steam without the use of a boiler. The steam it produces is less hot but it holds more water.

Hot but dry steam cleaner

This type of steam cleaner boils water creating a steam which is usually above 260 degrees Celsius. There is a boiler in the system which creates low humidity steam.

What Type of Steam Cleaner Should I Select

Most people would prefer boiler fed systems for a variety of reasons. They give off less moisture so surfaces will dry quickly. They have steam temperatures of more than 300 degrees which can effectively sanitize surfaces and kill germs, as well as bacteria. With the boiler fed system, a little water goes a long way.
Just a single quart of water can produce as much as a thousand gallons of steam. Cleaning is very effective that it eliminates the need for chemicals.

Portable steam cleaners are the most popular today because they are small and handy. They can be easily brought along various locations without any inconvenience. Although they are a lot less powerful compared to regular steam cleaners, they can still do a very good job of cleaning. It is something which is necessary for your cleaning kit if you want a superbly clean and safe home.

Where Should I Get a Steam Cleaner

Thanks to the invention of computers and the Internet, people can now shop in the comforts of their own home wearing their pajamas. So, this brings up the question, is it better to purchase a steam cleaner from brick and mortar stores or from online retailers.

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying steam cleaners online and from local stores. Buying online affords you convenience because you need not do is look at steam cleaners, online, pay with your credit card and have the item delivered to your home. However, the downside is you will not be able to see, hold and try the steam cleaner yourself. You will just have to rely on the pictures, as well as the description online and this can be risky at times. Sometimes the products you are purchasing do not work as they are supposed to and returning them to the retailer for replacement can be quite a hassle.

Jacob John is a freelance writer, who writes about steam cleaners and power washers Ireland.