New Year's Eve: Smashed Expectations


Sometimes New Year's Eve celebrations turn out differently than expected.

It’s that time of year again. Every third conversation today and for the next few days will be about New Year’s Eve: “what are you doing” -or- “what did you do?” I often feel compelled to have a response that is at least a little bit interesting and I usually do. I’ve had lots of fun New Year’s Eve celebrations, but those are not what this posting is about today. This post is about those New Year’s Eve celebrations that were… uh… weird.

▪ A couple of years ago, I went to Dubai for New Year’sEve. Dubai is known for having
one of the world’s most spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations with fun-filled festivities and amazing fireworks displays. My friend, Heather, had recently moved there and I thought it would be very cool to celebrate the New Year with her in her new home in a big way. It’s a long and expensive flight to Dubai from NYC, but it was okay because I was very excited about what was to come. I couldn’t wait to throw myself into all the city had to offer. I was all aflutter like a little kid, looking very forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve in this place that is known for doing every thing BIG! Didn’t happen. At the last minute, in solidarity with some fighting somewhere (Lebanon, I think), Sheik What’s-his-name canceled all New Year’s Eve celebrations that year…including private parties. (Sigh). Yeah, he’s got that kind of power. Read more: