So confused


Help, need to know what the hell hes thinking!!! I need to know how and why he can stay away from me

Dont honestly know why im even feeling like this, sad and still longing for him because all he ever was was a FB! We met on a dating site, but at first i declined his offer to meet because he told me he was only after fun and didnt want a relationship. To cut a long story short he pursued me, wouldnt give up and i gave in and eventually we saw each other fairly regularly. I knew i was falling for him, sex was amazing and he said lovely things to me! I asked if it was lust and he said no, much more than that! When we where together it was like we were in our own little bubble, lol! He told me he loved our times together! He would say lots of things, like he was sick of just having sex with lots of woman and was thinking of coming off the dating site etc., or that i was his fave and special and he had never met anyone like me before, which lead me to believe he was falling for me! OMG, as i write this i can see he could have said the same to all the woman, but he was sooooo convincing! Very! Anyway, this is the strange part......he changed his dating profile to 'wanting a relationship' and went on to say he had had a great few years but now ready for more but was going to take it very slow, not rushing into anything, but sick of taking loads of girls knickers off, now wanted one girl whos knickers he could take off a lot , Groan, i know, you dont have to tell me, im an idiot to even waste a second on this guy! Obviously, i finished things, give me a bit credit, ive got some dignity, and told him i wasnt going to be his stop gap whist he went out to find miss right! He replied that it was a lie, a change of tactic, trying a new approach but now that he knew i had feelings for him he agreed and said i deserved more! Well just received message that he misses our time together and goes on in other texts that he loved our time together, im still his fave and he cant connect with any other woman like he can with me! When i reply and start questioning things and the new dating profile he says hes told me about five times that its a lie and he does not want a relationship and goes on to say if he ever changes his mind it would be with me but hes a lost cause, couldnt trust himself and doesnt want to hurt me! Help!