How To Build Healthy Relationships


Healthy relationships are the foundation on which successful communities are built.

Humans are social animals. They do best when they work together as a group. History is replete with examples of how much more productive and happy people are when they help each other. Healthy relationships are the foundation on which successful communities are built. It starts with men and women building mutually beneficial or healthy relationships. The couples then grows to become families. When several families are able to work together for the greater good a new type of relationship is born. The group or community. However the key to the success of both the couple and the community is having healthy, mutually beneficial relationships.

Elements of a Healthy Relationship

There are a number of elements which are necessary to have a healthy relationship. They include:



Trust Intimacy




Similar Values


Emotional and Physical Safety




This is a fairly long list. The sheer number of elements it takes to build and maintain a healthy relationship underscores how challenging it can be. Granted, no relationship is perfect because humans are a work in progress. But recognizing the importance of healthy relationships and a willingness to try to develop them are important to couples and society. Forming and maintaining a healthy relationship is not easy. It requires a delicate balancing act. All relationships call for give and take. The important thing is that everyone in the relationship is getting their needs met. If this is not happening the relationship is unhealthy.

Distilling the Relationship List

All the elements in the list above can be covered in three basic concepts: Communication, Trust and Satisfaction. If these three elements are present in a relationship it is essentially a healthy one. Communication is one of the most important elements of any relationship. It requires the people involved to speak calmly and honestly about their needs, wants, concerns and joys. It also calls for them to listen with an open mind as others speak their piece. Trust is another cornerstone of healthy relationships. It implies that people mean what they say and can be counted on to do what they say they will do. Without trust the relationship is a sick one. Trust is something that is earned over time. It speaks to a pattern of behavior. Once people involved in the relationship realize they can trust each other great things can happen. It means peoples need for physical, emotional and economic security can be met. Again this is not to suggest there will not be any issues, but with trust people can work them out together. Satisfaction is the final thing people need from their relationships. Again not all of people's needs will be satisfied all the time. But in a healthy relationship the people involved will get most of their needs mt most of the time. This leads to joy, happiness and contentment and productive long lasting healthy relationship. While this may be a challenge to attain, for most people it's a goal worth working towards.

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