Why Should Disney Drop A Former Olympian Turned Escort?

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Why Disney ditching Favor Hamilton because of her (now, not-so secret) sex life is ridiculous.

Suzy Favor Hamilton had everything going for her: she was a three-time U.S. Olympic runner. She had an impressive number of records, awards, and titles, including nine NCAA championship titles (the most in NCAA history) to her name.

So why would Disney drop their ties with this world-class athlete? Turns out she had a side job as a hooker.

Last week, the 44-year-old married mother confessed that she had been moonlighting as a $600-an-hour escort under the name of 'Kelly' in Las Vegas. "I was drawn to escorting in large part because it provided many coping mechanisms for me when I was going through a very challenging time with my marriage and my life," she said in a series of heartfelt tweets addressed to her family and fans. "It provided an escape from a life that I was struggling in. It was a double life."

And just one day after being outed by the media, Disney quickly pulled their affiliations with the former celebrity athlete, withdrawing their invitation for her to speak at the annual Disneyland Half Marathon.

Sure, a Vegas sex worker doesn’t fit perfectly in place with Disney's family-friendly brand, but we have to wonder: is this really any of their business?

This seems fairly hypocritical on Disney’s part, since as a company, they don't exactly have the greatest track record in producing squeaky-clean stars. Just take a look at some of the controversial headlines focused on Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus — all celebrities who got their start with the company and all who had their personal share of trainwreck moments.

When you take all of that into consideration, ditching Favor Hamilton because of her (now, not-so secret) sex life is ridiculous.

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