5 Love Lessons From Holiday Movies

couple on couch watching holiday movie

From Rudolph to The Nightmare Before Christmas, these movies are filled with love.

4. Value the time you have with someone
Frosty the Snowman teaches us a valuable lesson: time is not unlimited and it’s important to not take people for granted. While your significant other may not be melting any time soon, it’s still necessary to be mindful of just how wonderful he or she is. Make the most of your time together, no matter what. Try new things and have adventures together — you’ll never regret the time you didn’t waste.

5. Grand gestures are no substitute for gradual relationship work
While Mark's made a romantic gesture in Love Actually with large cards, including the oft-cited “To me you are perfect” one, he was never able to quite snag Juliet. While it was a beautiful act, it serves as a reminder that not taking a chance by telling someone how you feel and then silently brooding on those feelings until letting them release in one swoop someday is typically no match for having an honest relationship built on discussing each other’s emotions and establishing a bond. So, yes, showing up at the airport with flowers or at someone's door with cue cards or flying to another country to see the potential love of your life is a lovely thought, but it would most likely best serve you to simply keep things stable and steady.

What's your favorite holiday movie? What has it taught you about love?