A-List Links: Is John Mayer Cheating On Katy Perry?

Katy Perry & John Mayer

Plus: Eva Longoria's dating a new man!

Were you too busy holiday shopping to catch up on all the juicy romance news? Not to worry, we've got you covered. Here's some hot topics from this week!

The world was shocked when Eva Longoria split from New York Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez. But, don't worry! The Desperate Housewive wasn't single for long ... rumor is she's already in another relationship! (Latina)

So, you know how much we love Amy Poehler — who doesn't? Now, she's opening up in an advice video for the new web episode of "Ask Amy," and it's all about jealousy and how to deal with it. This is something you don't want to miss. (Crushable)

We know how much this will come to a surprise: there is a rumor that John Mayer is cheating on Katy Perry and has been having "sex dates" with another woman. I know I've been hoping she would see the side we all do of him, but is it true? And will she finally leave him? (HaveUHeard)

Did you know that Chris Brown was selling t-shirts with images of him and ex-girlfriend Rihanna on them. Well, not getting her manager's approval, angered her team. But that wasn't the only one mad. Jay-Z personally called up Brown to further discuss the matter! (AllieIsWired)

Every young girl was heartbroken with Harry Styles of One Direction stepped out with Taylor Swift as an official couple. So they're really not going to like this. Apparently, Swift has been looking at buynig a house near his parents' place ... in England! (WetPaint)

For most, when becoming a part, the use of illegal substances end. However, for Wiz Khalifa and pregnant girlfriend Amber Rose, they don't plan to hide marijuana from their kid. Yes, you read that right. (TheStir)

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