Insecure Guys Might Be Sexist Too

Sexism and Insecurity

A new study gives you another reason to avoid guys who lack confidence.

Turns out, beauty pageants aren't the only thing making him sexist. It's his lack of confidence too.

A new study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin reveals that men's insecurities give them conflicted views on women as romantic partners, leading to sexism.

The study questioned over 400 heterosexual men about their attachment style, hostile and benevolent sexism, and views on romance.

Researchers concluded that unconfident men, while they may be romantics at heart, alternate between chivalry and hostility with their female significant others. 

Joshua Hart, who led the study, explains this behavior as "acting like a knight in shining armor when she fulfills his goals and ideals about women, but like an ogre when she doesn't." Does that sound terrible or what?

While it's no surprise his insecurities can affect your relationship and how he treats you, it is interesting that it can lead him to think you are weak and needy.

We all know how important self-confidence is in our relationships, but this just further proves it needs to go both ways. Good news is, researchers believe this new information regarding personality traits can help couples in therapy.

Have you ever dated someone who was insecure? Did you feel like he was sexist?