Do you know a guy called SEXADDICT19?


A few years ago I meta guy called sexaddict19. I'm sure someone's heard of him. Well we go out!

When I met him I thought he was just a normal boy like the others. A guy who went round raping girls. And by the way that post he put on about that girl breaking his back was actually false, his friends dared him. But I found out he wasn't like the others, he was nice gentle caring and one to always look after girls like me. It was love at... We'll second sight! But anyway a few months ago we started going out for the first time. We met on here and if you look at the page ''how to have anal sex for the first time' you will see our first words at each other on the newest comments. After we met we stopped going out, but I am now enjoying flirting with him again...

So anyway if you ever see Matt (that's his real name, you didn't think his real name was sexaddict19 did you?) always remeber who he loves. And by the way I am not doing this to check up on him or anything, I am doing it to see if anyone knows him, just out of curiosity. He says he knows a guy called taanstalft2 or someone I don't quite no the spelling of!

Goodybe, I'm Libby Wallbank