How to Explain to Friends and Family: We Met Online


If you have a traditional family and social group, how do you tell them you meet the one online?

Meeting friends and family is one of the major steps in a relationship. You are going public with your romance and letting the most important people in your lives that you're no longer single. The inevitable question looms from your parents, family, and friends, "So... how did you two meet?" Not everyone has the cosmic kismet tale of running into one another in the Left Bank in Paris or while test driving a Mercedes in Berlin. Markus Frind, founder of, offers some wisdom on how to answer the question on how you both found each other.  For those who are shy to reveal the beginnings of your love story, get some inspiration from Alex and Aggie of

Any funny stories on how people have explained how they met when they were embarrassed to admit it was online?

Nothing springs to mind - In fact we receive many success stories of people who are very proud to have met on the site, and seem quite open about it! Many of our couples have even incorporated POF into a certain aspect of their wedding to pay tribute to how they first met!

When do people introduce their new significant other to friends and family?

That all depends on the individual...and most likely the family to some degree.

What do you think of people who meet and marry in less than three months but the marriages last?

We think that's fantastic! They say when you know, you know! It's all about what works for the individual, so we also support couples that take their time getting to know each other as well.

How come quick engagements and marriages, even if a result of online dating, can be just as solid as the long engagements?

The right ingredients and the right people make it possible!

Will POF eventually offer events like's Stir series?

POF has offered it's own system for member events since 2003. Each month, members create over 350 events around the world, ranging from dog walks, to bowling, to cocktail hours! This has always been a fantastic way to bring online connections into the real world, and many members in attendance bring two or three friends with them, which creates a massive social web! Over the years, POF has helped users host well over 20,000 events.