Intense Orgasm with Tantric Lingam Massage


Men have degraded the stature of sex to newer depths today. However, there was a time in the orient when sex was regarded as a method of attaining divine pleasure. Some of the religious sects went to the extent of regarding sex as a way to reach god. Tantric massage is however still a prevalent way of inducing the opposite sex into a mating activity. The most popular form of tantric male massage is the lingam massage. By lingam, the male reproductive organ, i.e. the penis is referred to. As it can be understood that this particular form of massage is given to the male partner by the female one. This article will guide a woman on how to give her lover the best lingam massage.

How to Begin You must make sure that he is being able to see whatever you are doing to him. You can do this by placing a pillow under his head. To lift up his hip, put a pillow under it. Keep his knees bent and spread his legs. Make sure that his penis is absolutely exposed. Arousal can be enjoyable not if you start with the penis right away. Massage other parts of the body slowly and leave the lingam for a while. Afterwards when you reach the area, pour some lukewarm oil on the testicles and start massaging them gently. The next step would be to massage the pubic bone. The perineum or the area between the anus and the testicles is to be your next target.

What to do with the Lingam By this time you would have reached the lingam. You should grasp the base lightly and move your hand up the penis. Repeat it with the other hand. Hold the top of the shaft and slide the skin up and down. This is to be repeated with the other hand. Continue this process for some time. Massage the tip of the lingam in a circular motion, it is one of the most sensitive parts. If it appears that your partner might just give away, stop the process and ask him to take deep breathes.

Give Him an Intense Orgasm You can keep on bringing the partner on the verge of orgasm and then decide to back off. It might seem to be a bit torturing at first, but this will help your lover have longer and more pleasurable orgasms. During this process try to figure out where the sacred spot is. It has to be somewhere between the anus and the testicles. It is a small notch kind of, which is not more than a pea’s size. When you massage here, it might feel uncomfortable at first. However, you should apply pressure slowly and he would be able to control his future orgasms. If he is about to ejaculate, put pressure over this point and help him experience intense pleasure. At the end, your lover either would have ejaculated or will be snoring. If the later happens, you can still keep on practicing, but if the former case take place, its time you clean it up!

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