9 Surprising Things We Learned About Sex In 2012


2012 was a big year for sex. Check out the good, the bad, and the just plain weird.

7. Women Crave More Sex During One Season

Sorry, you have a while to wait—women crave sex most during the summer. One book links it to the “school’s out” mentality...when it’s summer vacation, we want to get out and play.

8. And We All Want to Get Busy During Bad Weather

Thunderstorms and tornadoes to be specific—70 percent of us have gotten down in one of those conditions. But we’re not throwing all caution to the wind. In fact, most people who conceive the night of a storm are already parents.

9. Nagging Can Lead to Less Frequent Sex

And only 15 percent of survey participants feel like they’re good at resolving conflicts as a couple. The arguments that most frequently get in the way of nookie? Asking for more attention from your partner, asking for help with housework, and asking your partner to pick up after themselves.

Written by Diana Villbert for Care2.com

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