Olivia Wilde Reveals True Feelings For Boyfriend Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis & Olivia Wilde

She shot down engagement rumors, but Olivia Wilde is confirming that she's madly in love.

Rumors have been running wild that the beautiful Olivia Wilde and her Saturday Night Live boyfriend Jason Sudeikis have recently got engaged. Not so fast, Wilde confirms.

Though she's not engaged to the star, she is totally in love. "Nothing puts a smile on my face like the love of my life dancing in a tracksuit and curly wig," the 26-year-old actress tweeted on Saturday during Sudeikis' skit on SNL.

Last week, she let the world know—through Twitter, of course—that no, she's not engaged. According to sources close to the couple, both are taking their time since they have each been married before. Wilde was married to filmmaker Tao Ruspoli for eight years and Sudeikis was married to 30 Rock writer Kay Cannon for six. What's the rush?

In May, Wilde was a guest on The Conversation with Amanda de Candenet where she opened up about moving forward from the divorce. "Dating was a lot more painful than I'd ever imagined," she said. Well, not too painful! "I know coming out of that, I'll be a better person—and a better partner—eventually, for someone."

That someone is you, Jason Sudeikis!

Do you think the couple should get engaged soon or enjoy the dating?

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