A-List Links: Birthday Boy Brad Pitt's Hottest Moments!

Brad Pitt

Plus: Did Selena Gomez break up with her boyfriend Justin Bieber because of her ex?

Here are some of our favorite trending celebrity news stories of the week.

Some men, like Brad Pitt just get better with age, don't they? In honor of his 49th birthday, here are some of his hottest on-screen moments! (TresSugar)

When teen celebs Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up, the biggest question on everyone's minds was, "Why?" New sources are claiming that it may be because of some drama with her ex Nick Jonas. (AllieIsWired)

We've heard a lot recently about dubstep DJ Deadmau5 and his on-again, off-again relationship with Kat Von D, but it seems like these two lovebirds finally made it work. As of this Saturday, they're engaged! And did you hear about his unusual way of proposing? (HaveUHeard)

From Eva Longoria to Rosario Dawson, here is a round-up of Latina.com's top 10 leading ladeis who made strides this year! (Latina)

When Ben Feldman joined the cast of Mad Men for the drama's fifth season and earned himself an Emmy nomination for the role, we couldn't imagine that things could get better for this actor. But we were proved wrong: now he’s engaged! (WetPaint)

In her own words, Anne Hathaway said she was a "witch" to her hubby Adam Shulman on the set of Les Misérables. Why? (TresSugar)

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