Book Review: Love Will Find You by Kathryn Alice


A book that still inspires even when the author herself tells you that you're too lazy for love

Love Will Find You: 9 Magnets to Bring You and Your Soulmate Together is a gem of a book by soulmate guru Kathryn Alice. Love will find you but what if you are one of those earnest readers who can only say two years later that, "It didn't find me"? Why my Amazon review says what it says about this soulmate attraction method book.

I discovered this book by accident at a bookstore in Berkeley. Glad it came to my attention because its probably the only one in the "dating" genre that is inspiring and keeps you in hope, not false hope, maybe more trust that you'll be together someday. Kathryn Alice has written, first and foremost, a book that is centered on being happy where you are and not focusing on changing the outer circumstances or conditions in a manipulative attempt to get love. Rather, this gem of a read is about the inner work one must do to be at a place where they have a life to share and something to give to another from a place of balance and no agenda. At least that is how I read it. To be honest, I've used the strategies in this book more for cultivating friendships and at work since my job is all about people. However, a side benefit to Kathryn's work is that since finding this at the bookstore, since February 2012 every date I have been on seems to be with a man who resembles actors I find attractive, so Kathryn's manifesting techniques clearly work all too well. Another side benefit to her guidance is its emphasis on honoring oneself and how friendship with an ex or romantic interest is a myth that can derail a person's chances of finding their right person. Had it not been for this lesson from Kathryn, I would have been "friends zoned" by someone and not been free to enjoy my life instead.

The one thing that stood out in my mind was the author's own words in her teleseminars built around the book and her love attraction method. Some participants who meditated at least an hour a day to her guided visualizations and participated in her may online and in person workshops were still single after a length of time. During one of Alice's monthly Love Club Silver Q&A calls a participant asked if perhaps she should have her online profile updated professionally or try a mixer site after doing Alice's programs for a year. Alice replied that no amount of external work will manifest a person's soulmate if they do not address their inner resistance to love. There is much truth in that. However, not every individual can see their own blindspots and may in fact feel they are addressing their inner blocks. When another participant asked if hypnosis would help, Alice's reply was to just stick with her work. For some people, clinical hypnosis or EMDR can be a beneficial complement to personal growth work such as exemplified by Alice and I would personally be hesitant to dismiss other modalities. Alice's statement of "lonely in love due to lazy" is a valid explanation of how some of her students are still single while others have found their soulmate quickly. However, this may not be a conscious or even intentional lazy on the person's part. So such statements are too general to apply to everyone. While Alice and other Religious Science Practitioners may consider this line of reasoning a sign of "lacking faith and being too intellectual and closing one's heart to receive" it doesn't mean that such logic is invalid.

If you are someone who has done Alice's work beyond this book and are still "on the market", other books such as The Emotion Code which discusses how to remove a "Heart Wall" and Let Love In: Open Your Heart and Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner or Feeling Beautiful Hypnosis by Debra Berndt may be helpful. An older book called Finding Each Other also touches upon inner clearing of old psychological wounds are key steps to a healthy partnerships. Also check out Mindful Loving and Dancing with the Beloved which are filled with exercises that are meant to change thought patterns into ones that support loving relationships both romantic and platonic.

Finally, Kathryn Alice trains and certifies love coaches who offer personal support to those who are keen on her work and ready to meet their soulmate. So far, they appear to all speak the same mantra when someone asks what else they can do to remove obstacles to love: You get love because you want love. Depending on your viewpoint, this is either an empowering statement or a repetitive one. Many people have desired love but many still are not partnered but perhaps Alice and her coaches' answer to that is: If you are not with your soulmate during your life you will meet at the Pearly Gates and be together then. That is, if you believe there is such a thing as a soul that lives on when the body dies. I'm willing to bet that that all single people would want their soulmate here and now on Earth while they are living.

No program or personal development author is perfect. No method is 100% successful 100% of the time. What it comes down to is being able to find the right fit for you that will generate the results you want. Simple as that. For some people, Kathryn Alice's book alone will manifest their soulmate in three days after purchase. Others, need to combine her work with complementary activities. Some need to just be very action-oriented and less emotional about being on the dating market. In that case, if you are all about results then sign-up for Matthew Hussey's method and get your guy once and for all!