There's Nothing Friendly About 'Friends With Benefits'


Can we truly have no strings attached sex?

So, the idea of "friends with benefits" is obviously pretty trendy right now. Within the last few years, multiple movies, stories and articles have explored this increasingly common pop culture phenomenon. Hollywood shows us these stories with the classic happy ending, but, of course, that's not always how life goes. While we've all heard of FWB and some of us have even experienced this casual arrangement first hand, are we really prepared for its real-life reprecussions?

When relationship coach and sex therapist Moushumi Ghose discusses whether two people can actually enjoy a "friends with benefits" relationship without one or both people getting hurt in the process, she could not be more right. We should be able to make sexual decisions based on our own pleasure and satisfaction, right? Right. But what happens when biology steps in and emotions get in the way? While the friends with benefits relationship is a good idea for some of us, others should consider our emotional limitations to avoid an unnecessary heartbreak. Even though it may sound like the greatest solution at the time, you may be in for more than you bargained for. And if you don't know what you're getting yourself into, there's a chance that it could jeopardize a friendship that you once cherished.