4 Engagements & A Wedding: Celebrity Edition

Kat Von D, Donald Faison & Kelly Clarkson

For Hollywood, this was the weekend of love!

While some are hearing sleigh bells, Hollywood is hearing wedding bells! What is sweeter than a nice holiday engagement? Who can top the gift of love? Here are four celebrities who got some enagement sparklers right before Christmas (and one who walked down the aisle!). We think some of the guys couldn't wait to finally propose to their loves! Who can blame them? 

Kat Von D, 30, got engaged again but this time it all went down on twitter for the L.A. ink stars fans to enjoy!  The ring wasn't even finished when her now-fiance Joel Zimmerman (AKA: Deadmau5) twitter-blurted it out. He even posted a photo of it explaining that he's having a black diamond put in the center and then there will be two tiny skulls on either side of the black rock! This fits their relationship perfectly! Congratulations to these two we hope it works out for them in the long run.

30-year-old Kelly Clarkson is marrying the man of her dreams and it isn't "Mr. Know It All" that's for sure. While we hope she doesn't quit singing our favorite darker pop tunes, we are so excited to see her happily in love and engaged to Brandon Blackstock. He put a canary yellow diamond ring on her finger with diamonds all around it! We're excited to see all these non-traditional rings coming into play again. Every girl deserves a ring that fits her personality!

Ben Feldman of Mad Men popped the question to Michelle Mulitz this weekend, while they were walking their dog. How cute is that? He just got down on one knee (his dog probably got confused) and asked her to marry him. "They are a very normal, fun pair," a source has said of the couple. Congrats!

Donald Faison, 38, got married this weekend to the former personal assistant to Jessica Simpson, Cacee Cobb. Faison was previously married and has three children. The couple tied the knot at Donald's Scrubs co-star Zack Braff's home in California where Simpson was a bridesmaid. We hope it works out in the long term for these two! We're sure we'll be seeing them again with [pregnant] Jessica Simpson ties the knot!

Janice Dickinson, 57, is set to have her fourth marriage! The super model—who has turned into a reality television queen—is engaged to psychiologist Dr. Robert Gerner. The pair met on a blind date and plan to wed in April. Dickinson has said "when you know, you just know" and that he's the "ying to her yang." Fourth time's the charm?

2013 is looking up with all these stars, their new bling and the wedding plans they'll be making. We couldn't be happier to see all this love during the holiday season!

Who do you think will get married first?

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