3 Reasons Why You Are Still Single


Are you still single? Maybe the reason is in you?

There are lot of reasons why you still can't find your soul mate. But let's just concentrate on the things that are in your power to change!

1. Stop being picky. Of course you want to date the perfect person, but maybe instead of sitting at home all alone you should give someone more regular a chance? Sometimes people can surprise you and you should stay open for new contacts. Maybe this guy is not perfect, but he will introduce you to his friend. You never know.

2. You are too serious. Stop judging everyone you meet. You know you that you are probably perfect yourself. Be positive and keep on smiling. People tend to respond for kindness and not sore face.

3. You are too conservative. Maybe you still believe that your perfect partner will just come up to you on the street or something. Don't wait for miracle to happen. The world has so much great possibilities now! Give mobile dating a shot. When you want to find that special person, you should try everything and look everywhere! One of the great and easiest ways to start is by downloading location based mobile dating application. The easiest of them all and free to download is DateMeNow - http://datemenow.com You can start chatting with people om your area the moment you downloaded it. Easy, great and fun.

So, these are only 3 reasons why you are still single. Maybe you can add something else?