Once More For the Children


Tragedy in Connecticut

Once More for the Children

it is not in my realm of understanding to suggest what the children will miss most. that is for only them to say, and they are now silent. And that is the saddest for me.

Surely my God has blinked. As sacrilegious as it sounds that is the only rational my human mortal heart will accept. In that blink of my Lord's eye children were taken from our world to his heaven, and with them went their dreams and their realities which were meant to touch us all through the lives that they would live but which now touch our spirits in the silence of their leaving.
I am certain that within their lives were cures for disease that have baffled the greatest of adult minds. in their hearts were held musical compositions of a variety not heard before, and in their Beings were the promise of a better existence for us all.

tears do them injustice. sorrow and apathy make them shy away. our prayers make them humble. forgive us children, it is all that we have. in vain we search for reasons and answers. we look to our holy scriptures, to our God, to their God. this is what we adults do in times such as these. we cry for our lack of understanding.