Victoria’s Secret Impostor Spreads Positive Message

Pink Loves Consent

It may be a spoof, but Pink Loves Consent is on a mission to help women.

Maybe you were one of the 9.3 million viewers, or maybe you saw the appraisals and disgust that clogged up your newsfeed, but there's no denying that this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion show was huge. So when Rebecca Nagle and Hannah Brancato launched their Victoria's Secret spoof website, Pink Loves Consent, to coincide with the buzz from the major fashion event last week, their timing was perfect. 

Only their site with 5,541,840 members isn't about sexy lingerie, stick-thin models, or selling merchandise. Pink Loves Consent is devoted to spreading the word about rape on college campuses and changing the conversation that happens around the fashion show to focus on women’s safety and body acceptance.

Along with advice on safe sex and the opportunity to share opinions and create your own slogans, the online movement is filled with women of all sizes posing in lingerie labeled with empowering messages, such as "Consent is Sexy" and "Respect." The conversation has even moved to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Our friends at The Daily Beast spoke to one of the site's creators about how their project. Read the exclusive interview here! Pink Loves Consent: an Anti-Rape Victoria’s Secret Spoof That’s Gone Viral

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