A Hopefully Helpful Note To A Lady Bro

Love, Heartbreak

Break-ups are never that easy, especially for women -- nonetheless, feel blessed about it.

There are two ways to go around the hardship of moving on -- suck it up or cry like a GAD patient over it... endlessly. I'm no connoisseur of love, but I have my own perceptions about the topic. Everyone's got a tendency to fall for another. However, to look for a partner (in my own opinion) should be a guy's thing -- whereas women are to wait and be found. Yes, consider yourself royalty as a lady -- be worked hard for.

Also, screw that "all guys are the same" line -- some women (or I should say a plethora of the XX chromosomed populace) are just good at picking the same candy in a box of delightful assortments. They may all be of the same sweetness, but emanate minor and major variances. I'm not saying it's bad for women to fall for dudes; I just think it's better to dawdle till dudes fall for 'em. Otherwise, you'll end up transpiring the cycle of the "cloud nine to all guys are the same shit phenomenon" over and over again.

Now, on a scientific note, you don't fall with your heart. It's all in the mind, really. You should probably blame your mom for leaving you with a bunch load 'a oxytocins upon birth (but hey, that's the secret of how mother and child relationships are as tough as an armadillo's skin). So, what does your heart do? It pumps blood, of course... haha! Sanity depends on how you control your brain while the heart keeps you alive. Anyways, singledom is badassery -- true story!

Long story short, wait for the arrival of your knight in shining armor rather than going after another jerk in Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil. LOL! Give your brain some time to put every shit together. For instance, allow it to release enough oxytocins -- thus, crafting neurological and biochemical bonds for that ultimate good-guy fondness... and there goes the formula of how happy ever after cheezy love stories happen. ;) But then again, stay single for long. Life's got more fun-stuff to offer -- savour the good times from the liberty you get out of it while you still can. Cheers, Bro! :D