A-List Links: Paris Hilton Getting Hot & Heavy With Rumored BF

Paris Hilton & River Viiperi

Plus: Which TV Santas are rocking sex appeal?

Is Paris Hilton really in a new relationship? Will Tom & Gisele's baby be on the football field or the catwalk? We have new dirt on celebrity babies, newlyweds, and hook-ups.

Apparently, Jenni Rivera invited this singer to fly on her private jet so that the two of them could perform together in Toluca. In grieving the loss of her friend, she says, "My heart hurts." (Latina)

Actress Jessica Biel is the new cover girl for Elle and she's already dishing the dirt on her hubby Justin Timberlake's (now, not so secret) domestic side. (TheBerry)

This week, NFL hottie Tom Brady and his equally hot model wife Gisele Bündchen welcomed their daughter Vivian Lake into the world. And while she's in the spotlight, we're wondering, will she take after her model mommy or quarterback dad? Tom Brady has a hunch! (CelebrityBabyScoop)

'Tis the season for holiday movies! From Tim Allen in The Santa Clause to the beef-and-cheese smelling department store Santa from Elf, in the spirit of Christmas, we've ranked these famous movie Santas from sleeziest to sexiest! (Crushable)

If there was ever a question before that Paris Hilton was dating hot model, River Viiperi, the photos of these two getting hot and heavy in a Miami pool this weekend are pretty clear evidence! (Uinterview)

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