Spinsterlicious Gift Guide for Awesome Single Ladies


For some reason, people think single women like gag gifts. We don't. Here's what we like...

As a single woman, I'm often amused at how little attention we get during the holiday season. There are Gift Guides for Mom, Dad, the college student, teens and tweens, teachers, bosses, and even bachelors. But I've never seen one for single women. Arguably, single women shouldn’t necessarily need their own gift guide… except if just about everyone else gets one, why can’t we? Heck, we like gifts too!

But we like good gifts, not fuzzy socks, robes and pajamas; not t-shirts and mugs with corny jokes about being single; and we don’t want a pink tool kit. What we want is what everybody wants: a thoughtful gift that reflects our lifestyle and personality.

So, on behalf of myself and Spinsterlicious women everywhere, I’ve decided to create my own gift guide for single women. A guide that has gifts I want to receive, gifts I want to give to my spinster friends, gifts I want to give myself. Where the modern-day spinster comes to play, indeed! Take a look at some of my favorite gift ideas this holiday season: http://eleanorewells.com/the-spinsterlicious-holiday-gift-guide-for-awes...