Dating a Gentleman: Lost Cause?


Has chivalry and manners gone out of style?

I’m starting to realize it is the rare man who is actually a “gentleman”. Yes, I consider myself a feminist and a strong woman. But I am also … a “lady”. I believe you can be both at the same time. I want to believe that there are men out there who can appreciate a strong woman who knows what she wants AND who likes to be treated like a “lady”. By “lady” I don’t mean being treated with kid-gloves or holding back a curse word or two. I mean a gentleman who is genuine and kind and who really feels it an honor to be spending time with his date … and shows it. The last couple of men I have gone out with (not including my FWB/Lover) it has been painfully obvious that they just want to hop into bed. I think you know enough about me by now that I am not opposed to that … IF the feeling/chemistry is right. But to be sitting across from someone who is trying every trick in the book to get you in the sack and then pouts when you politely redirect the conversation is disappointing, tiring and boring. Where are the men that revel in the art of seduction? The men that know it takes at least a week to woo a woman. The men that realize that a well-wooed woman is a thousand times more apt to provide reciprocal attention than a woman whom he ham-fistedly cajoles into coitus. Men: We want to “see” you as well. Show us who you are. Let us in. We will, in turn, shower you with affection and passion. Show us you are attracted to the whole woman – honor us – and not just the pussy and boobs. Take your time and you can win our hearts as well as our libido. I believe, women need to feel that we are wholly desired. Earn her desire. I mean isn’t that the fun part for both of us anyway? Isn’t that the “dance” that precedes great and satisfying passion? Guys, we all know that you want sex. That’s a given. And because we all know this, your restraint and (hopefully) authentic interest in us as people and showing deft interest in, and respect of, our womanhood is appreciated and valued. There is no time limit on this process as all women are different .. but I guarantee that sex with your new paramour will be more satisfying and passionate if the wooing and seduction are done thoughtfully and well. That’s just my two cents.