Maximizer Briefs: The Best Cockring, Hidden?


Sure you have the best cockring, but have you been using maximizer men’s underwear too?

Men want to supersize their package. Using a cock sling cockring, and other “adult” gear would be a handy choice, and there are a very few who would think of doing it through their underwear. Yes, male enhancement through men’s underwear is possible, and it offers not just novelty but massive benefits as well.
In a recent survey conducted by an online boutique, men revealed their opinion of male enhancement through men’s underwear. Thirty-three percent of respondents are open to using this type of underwear. Twenty-six percent, on the other hand, disclosed that they are already users of male enhancement underwear. It looks like these briefs and boxers have a growing cult of users!
The biggest trick of this class of men’s underwear is a built-in ring in the pouch – perhaps the best penis ring available, since you may wear the briefs longer than the prescribed 30 minutes or less for the usual cock ring during sex.
Among the different enhancing men’s underwear available today are maximizer boxer briefs, which boasts of wide coverage and additional junk in your trunk. These boxer briefs come with a flattering look, too, providing accent to your attractive penis bulge (which looks natural, of course).
There are fab maximizer men’s briefs, too, and they are available in various styles. There are natural cut, high-cut, mesh, and other kinds, all offering a great silhouette. You may get them in different designs, like basic colors, pop art, and athletic ones.

For your sexy mood, there’s your trusty maximizer men’s thong, which can show off your rear asset and help you if you don’t want any underwear line to show. This kind of underwear provides additional support, too. Just like with other maximizer underwear, it can help “size-challenged” guys naturally get and show off a penis bulge too.

Jockstraps are another option – this highly masculine underwear enhances your package and offers the penis bulge you’ve always wanted. Jockstraps were invented in 1888 to protect male genitals during recreation and athletic events through a protective cup in the penis pouch.

Maximizer briefs and other underwear are great for sporting that penis bulge in the right places, like the beach. Show it off in appropriate places and boost your confidence.

If you want to stick to having that bulge where it counts, e.g. in bed during triple X action, you might want to get the best cockring available out there, including metal-made horseshoe cock rings that help you achieve bigger, better erections and ejaculation control, among other benefits.