Exploring The 'Future Of Promiscuity'


Strides in marriage equality have led to questions about the traditional relationship model.

This weekend, Washington state celebrated its first same-sex marriages. Last month, Washington, Maryland and Maine became the first three states to legalize gay marriage via the popular vote. Marriage equality, as we've pointed out before, has been one of the big winners in this year's presidential election. But how are these strides impacting the public's perception of gay unions, alternative relationships and the traditional relationship model? One columnist argues that people will become more tolerant of 'dignified promiscuity' and open relationships, and that heterosexual couples will become more promiscuous while homosexual couples will become less so — closing up the divide.

An op-ed over at The Daily Beast explores the idea that marriage equality is leading to a more widespread and mainstream tolerance of alternative relationship models, specifically each individual couple's right to redefine marriage and include "a more interesting sex life" as they see fit. It suggests that although the government is recognizing the legal union of same-sex couples, it should butt out when it comes to the principles each couple sticks to regarding loyalty and fidelity — as gay, lesbian and heterosexual unions differ due to inherent gender differences.

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