Celebrity Couples Who Are Always On the Go


By Jessica Nappi for CupidsPulse.com

With all the riches that come with being a celebrity, it’s easy to travel and hop from place to place. But they also have hectic schedules. From movie-making to appearances to product promotion, celebrities always have somewhere to go and somewhere to be. When two celebrities hook up making a celebrity power couple, the paparazzi catches them running around all the more. Although most superstars are constantly on the go, here are the celebrity couples that can really just never stay in one place:

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1. The Brangelina Bunch: A life between two A-listers calls for lots of time on the road, or the air. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie both have movies to make and promote while simultaneously caring for their six kids which means very little time to relax and a whole lot of time running around. The celebrity power couple is often seen separated from each other with the entire brood of children because one must fill the role of care taker while the other works. But when they are seen together, whether on a Red Carpet or on a date to the museum, they never stay in one place. They don’t even have a singular permanent home having estates in France, California and New Orleans, Louisiana amongst other places.

2. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: They met on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man and this adorable duo has been spotted on the go non-stop ever since. The promotional tour for their movie had these costars turned lovebirds hopping from city to city. Even now that the tour is over, this celebrity couple can never stay still. They’ve been giving us a glimpse of PDA on the Red Carpet at award shows, walking hand in hand on the streets of NYC and making us envious of their fun-filled vacations from Disneyland to the beaches of Malibu. Whether for business of pleasure, Stone and Garfield have been everywhere and anywhere.

3. Kimye: If you haven’t heard of the latest celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, you’ve been living under a rock. They recently vacationed in Hawaii, went to NYC together for the opening of Scott Disick’s restaurant, are featured together on Kim’s show Keeping Up With The Kardashians in California and travel city to city for Kanye’s concerts. And that is not even the half of it. Kim’s always traveling for appearances and product promotions from her clothing line to her own perfume, and West is equally as busy with his hot music career. Because this couple always makes time to support each other’s careers, they are always traveling and always on the go.

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4. The Royals: It’s their job to travel the world, and man, do they do it good. Prince William and Kate Middleton married in 2011 and have been on the go ever since whether it’s on their own home turf or attending balls and events elsewhere. And this couple does not travel lightly. On the North American tour the celebrity and Royal couple spent 80,000 for themselves and their entourage to fly from Los Angeles to London alone, never mind the cost of the rest of their plane tickets. In 2011 the couple also traveled through the Middle East, South Africa, and Tanzania. Even when they seemingly stay put on their home territory, they are always out and about from greeting their people on the streets to cheering on the London Olympics.