Geez, Another Holiday Party...By Myself


Sometimes going to a holiday party alone can feel like work. But does it have to?

Yep. The Big Holiday Season is almost upon us. And there will be lots of parties for people of every ilk. Work parties, client parties, Christmas parties, Hannukah gatherings, Kwanzaa celebrations, New Year's Eve (and Day) festivities, community events... No matter who you are, you'll probably be expected to attend more than one.

And even if you like parties, attending these parties alone can be a challenge for some people. I'm one of those people. I like parties just fine, but I don't like going alone. Not having an escort is one of those times when being single can suck. I need someone to hold my hand through these things. So I have a few "rules"; here's how I manage to navigate these parties alone, without crying:

Looking cute. I put in a little more effort to make sure I look better than usual. Feeling like I look good boosts my confidence. And confidence is a good thing to have at a party. But by "looking better than usual", I don't mean over-dressing or obsessing about my appearance. I mean wearing a favorite outfit that I already know looks good on me. Read more: