How to Know You've Been Caught on


When to take down your profile because you caught your fish

The end goal of is to no longer need the site anymore. Who wants to stay on it forever anyway? Assuming your intentions aligned with the purpose of, it's only a matter of time until it becomes obsolete in your life. How do you know when you've been caught and have joined Alex and Aggie on your very own Markus Frind, founder of, gives some top five tips to know when it's time to delete your profile.

1. Some people are "catch" fishes you throw back in the digital sea, others are "keepers", when does one know it's time to take down their profile?

When most people meet someone and really hit it off, it’s natural to start visualizing your future together. That said, removing your online dating profile usually comes after a conversation about dating exclusively – or maybe it doesn't! Whenever it feels right, and you no longer feel the need to cast that line to see what’s out there, is the right time for you.

2. If someone has been dating someone for three months and they have talked about going "steady" yet one or both are still online winking at others, what does that mean?

If one person is serious, should they then step back or end it? It’s difficult to judge this type of situation, because there are so many unknown factors - but many couples do have to address mutual expectations and talk about what is considered acceptable behavior while in a committed relationship. Obviously this varies from couple to couple and person to person. It’s important to establish being on the same page to avoid possible misunderstandings like this.

3. Do you think a person's gut will know in the first five minutes of talking on the phone if they have found their keeper fish? I've heard of it happening before!

Usually establishing true compatibility takes a little longer though, so I wouldn't say that’s the norm!

4. Is chemistry the key factor or just one of several that is the deciding factor?

Chemistry is extremely important in many relationships, but there are other fundamentals to keep in mind as well! Again, it’s up to individuals to establish what’s important in their personal relationships.

5. What are the characteristics of a keeper fish vs a catch fish?

This will be different for every person! Usually a special someone will share similar values and interests, and treat you well! Sometimes you don’t know what characteristics you are looking for until you meet that right person!