Seriously, Do All Guys Want Sex On The First Date?


Are they really all the same?

Ladies, we've got to be honest with you here. When it comes to the dating game, it sometimes feels like we're running around in circles. After going out with different guys, only to find out that they just weren't that interestedin getting to know us, it can be hard trying to figure out why the dates ended so horribly. That's why we have to ask: Do you sometimes get the sense that all men are after one thing and one thing only? We know that not all guys are like that but it's hard to think otherwise when everything has been going wrong. How are we supposed to have an awesome first date with this constantly weighing on our minds?

Hearing author, creator of neimology science and YourTango Expert Sharon Lynn Wyeth talk about the fact that you can tell a lot about a guy by the letters in his name makes us really intrigued. Can a guy’s name really predict whether he’ll want sex on the first date? According to her research, the letters "E" and "R" in a man's name indicate that he's more likely to want sex soon into a new relationship. But this isn't to say that all men are only after sex; you just have to be on top of your game and look for signs that hint at what he's looking for. When you find the right guy, he'll want to get to know you first and will just enjoy being in your company.