Secrets to Unforgettable Foreplay


Learn the tricks to having the best foreplay ever – don’t forget the best cock rings out there!

A good buildup leads to a more precious and intense sexual experience. This means that foreplay – with all the “resources” like the best cock rings at your disposal – is not one to be done poorly. Eyes on the prize: give your best in foreplay and you could have the best sex just yet.

Why foreplay is so good baffles the mind: it turns you on and gets you ready for the triple X journey ahead. It includes not just the usual touching, licking different body parts, and other textbook moves, but also role playing, suggestive language and conversation, and fantasy sharing. In fact, it’s already foreplay to flirt with your lady love via text, and walk your talk on that night in bed.

But if you think foreplay is just to get in you in the mood, think again. It increases the amount of intimacy shared between you and your partner as well. Get it right and you get the reward you deserve (the orgasm of a lifetime) and a stronger bond shared with your partner.

There are several ways to be good at foreplay, which you may do with our without paraphernalia, e.g. a center style cockring. For starters, you keep your mind working – and playing the game. Take advantage of the power of suggestion – enjoy sexy pictures, watch a lustful flick, and do other things that will help build up the anticipation for sex.

Next up, be touchy – explore the one hundred and one ways to touch each other. Stroke, lick, kiss, and suck. Discover new and exciting movements. Vary your moves depending on what your partner desires and what your mood dictates. Tease all you want, too!

Don’t just stick to tried-and-tested pleasure zones, because there’s a reward in exploring new territories. Tip: any body part that has veins near the surface is highly sensitive. “Make love” to the corners of her mouth, ears, spine, or feet. Stroke her inner wrists or behind her knee. Get creative and express to each what feels oh so good.

Something different counts, too, so try it: play the role of a lust-ridden master, and let her be your own naughty sexy librarian. Dress the part, and feed that fantasy!

Mixing things up a bit and experimenting are smart steps that never grow old. Opt for sensual body massagers and adult toys that spice up the foreplay. The best cock rings may come with a vibrating feature, too. It’s all right if you or your partner doesn’t really like something, because you can go one trying new methods that will rock the lovemaking tonight.