Natural Sex – Five Methods to Kick Start Your Sex Drive


Want hotter natural sex? Use these simple methods to turbo-boost your sex drive.

Want hotter, steamier natural sex like never before… who would say no to such a provocative notion? The truth of the matter is that over time, our sex lives can become, well, rather boring, stagnant and imbibe that feeling of monotony; where sex feels the same way every time, almost like a routine. Relationship experts agree that in order to keep your relationship healthy, you’ll require plenty of sex. Additionally, sex experts suggest that by changing up your sexual patterns, you can add some flare into your relationship. So how do you enhance natural sex? An easy method for starters is by charging up your sex drive. The following tips can help you do just that.

Take up Jogging

Jogging is considering to be a fabulous cardio workout. The key here is: cardio. When you increase your heart rate, you will improve blood flow and circulation as well as vascular effectiveness. This will also increase the production of testosterone and dopamine, and will boost up your sex drive for better natural sex.

Eat More Fruits & Green Veggies

Fruits and most dark-green veggies are loaded with amino acids, vitamins like vitamin C and B, and folate. These all help improve testicular health, sperm production, circulation and testosterone production. So eat up to enjoy better natural sex.

Check Your Vitamin B Levels

Speaking of vitamins – have your B levels checked. Many people suffer from a deficiency in this vitamin and have no idea. Vitamin B is directly related to your sex drive. Poor vitamin B levels will be indicative of a shoddy sex drive. Your doctor can check your levels and make any adjustments. A quick fix for this is taking a vitamin B complex daily.

Get a Massage Biweekly

Every other week, consider massage therapy. Massage helps reduce stress levels and decreases the production of sex drive zappers like cortisol. It also helps improve circulation—and this ensures that your blood flow is optimized for natural sex as well as helping to maintain hearty hormonal balances. Good hormone levels and improved circulation means hotter natural sex.

Plan Steamy Weekends

* Make some plans for sexy weekends.
* Book a local hotel and get away for a change of pace. Surprise your lover with flowers and new lingerie.
* Think of ways that you can change things up to add more flare into your sex life.
* The more ideas that you can come up with, the better that you can take your natural sex session to entirely new heights.