Toy Overload: One Mom's Plea To Stop The Holiday Gifting Madness

kid holiday gift overload
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As parents, the holiday season means bracing ourselves for toy overload.

There is a fine line between being incredibly grateful for the generosity of loved ones and feeling totally overwhelmed by the piles of stuff (an emotion intensified by the realization that there are so many children out there with nothing). It helps to have a place to store some of the toys and bring them out one by one on a rainy day. It also helps that we hope to have another child in the future, so anything our daughter outgrows can be saved for the next baby.

The holidays are a source of stress for many families. If we believe this time of year is truly "all about the kids," I vote for actually making it about the kids and the few special things they have had their eye on all year long. Parents everywhere will appreciate it.

Do you struggle with toy overload in your home? How do you keep it all under control—especially during the giving season?