How an Xbox Could Save your Relationship

How an Xbox Could Save your Relationship

Thoughts on why buying an Xbox might bring you closer to your boyfriend.

Look, I can already hear what you’re saying: “I’ve been spending years trying to get him to stop playing those videogames. Why for the love of anything holy would I buy him an entire gaming system and encourage his behavior?” Hear me out. If your man is a gamer, even in the most basic “play Call of Duty with his buddies” kind of way, buying him an Xbox for Christmas could actually perform miracles of biblical proportions on your relationship with him. No, I’m not telling you to buy his love with toys — I would never advocate for anything like that. What I’m saying is that giving your guy an Xbox not only has perks for him — you know, playing his games — but it also has a lot of perks for you, as well.

He’ll be thrilled. Think about the last gift your gave your boyfriend for Christmas. What was it? A sweater you thought he would look cute in that he’s only worn twice since? A gift card to your favorite restaurant to give him an opportunity to take you on a date? Don’t get me wrong — I’m sure he loves pleasing you and taking you on dates — but men like entertainment. Most are used to buying their tools and toys for themselves, so gifting him an Xbox would be a total surprise to him. Give your man something he’ll use, something he’ll look at just about every day, and he’ll think of you every single time he turns it on. Heck, with the wireless controller, he might even lean over and peck you on the cheek from time to time, saying, “Thanks, babe. You’re awesome.”

He’ll brag. One of the draws of an Xbox is the Xbox Live feature, that lets the player play a game with a lot of other people who aren’t in the room. As I mentioned above, a lot of guys like their Xbox simply so they can play games with their buddies without everyone being crammed together in the same room. Once your man signs onto a game with the intent of taking out a bunch of aliens or Nazis, all of his friends will ask him what made him finally bite the bullet on a system. “It was my girlfriend, actually,” he’ll say. “She’s incredible. She got it for me for Christmas.” His friends will be amazed, and will say things like, “Wow, she really is a keeper,” and “My girlfriend hates when I play videogames; she always just buys me sweaters.”

You time. Of course, part of the drawback of your boyfriend having a video game system is that he spends time playing games that he could otherwise be spending with you. Instead of looking at it like that, think of it as an opportunity. While he gets wrapped up in his videogames, you can get wrapped up in something else. Whether that means a blanket and a good book, a chance to go exercise out any frustrations or an opportunity to go out with some of your girlfriends, a little “me time” is good for your health.

Future gifts. Give him an Xbox for the first gift, and then you’re set up for all the future gift-giving holidays. His birthday? Videogame. Valentines Day? Videogame. Easter, President’s Day, Arbor Day, whatever - you can get him some kind of video game that you’ll know he’ll enjoy. Of course, sticking strictly to video games probably isn’t a great idea, and throwing in something creative every now and again will help keep things fresh. But if you hear him get excited about a specific game, you have an easy option you know he’ll love.

Together time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that you’re pretty adept at Halo yourself, and you’ll start enjoying time as a couple while playing videogames. There are a lot of options out there, and you might find a game that piques your interests as well. If nothing else, an Xbox is a great for a couple of other reasons: you can stream Netflix through them, and they also play DVDs. So, as soon as he’s finished saving the world from aliens, the two of you can cuddle up and watch a movie for a date night. Let’s be real: there’s no reason you shouldn’t get a little enjoyment out of that machine as well.

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