Celebrate Britney Spears' Birthday With Her 10 Best Love Lyrics!

Britney Spears

It's Britney's Birthday, Bit**!

5. But all I really want is to hold you tight / treat you right / be with you day and night: The song "Sometimes" is about liking someone and then getting shy around them. Britney's always seemed a little reserved, soft-spoken, and quiet—so maybe this song rang close to home for her when it was released. Britney toured with NS'ync as an opening act before she got famous on her own, so maybe she had a crush on Justin, but she was always too shy around him. So, even though she wanted to "hold him tight" and "treat him right", "sometimes she ran, sometimes she hid, sometimes she was scared of him."

4. A guy like you should wear a warning / You're dangerous / I'm falling: This ones obviously about falling for the bad boy, the "Toxic" boy, and the baddest bad boy in Spears's life has been Kevin Federline. When K-Fed met Britney in 2004, he left his pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson to marry Britney. Also, their relationship has been cited as one of the reasons for Britney's mental breakdown that came shortly after their divorce in 2006, so he was probably a little toxic. However, the two did have two adorable little ones.

3. Just one kiss from you / And suddenly / I see the road laid out in front of me: Even though K-Fed turned out to be bad news bears, Britney fell pretty hard for him. We think this song "One Kiss From You" describes that feeling of falling, and the quickness of it. In the song, Britney coos that after only one kiss she sees her entire future with her lip locker. Maybe she should wait a few kisses before getting ahead of herself.

2. All things fall in to place / My heart, it feels so safe / You are my melody: From her third album, Britney, "That's Where You Take Me" didn't have great commercial success as its own single, but it's actually one of Britney's most romantic love songs. And we think this probably best describes her when she began dating her agent, and current fiancé, Jason, who was credited with always having Britney's best interests at heart, even before they began dating. Aww!

1. I promise that you'll be my one, my only, my everything / I'll never be untrue: From Britney's "I Will Still Love You" on her first album, this song is about everlasting love. This is a wedding ballad-esque song about everlasting love. Although she had quite a few never-lasting loves since then, hopefully now she's found the one!

Happy birthday, Brit!

What's your favorite Britney love lyric?

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