Sexperts Weigh In On Hillary Clinton's AIDS-Free Generation

Sexperts Weigh In On Hillary Clinton's AIDS-Free Generation

AIDS-free America? According to the experts, it could happen.

Rebecca Cook of the Sinclair Institute, a source for sexual health, agrees. She says, "[HIV] is no longer considered epidemic, but clearly the numbers indicate that it should be back on the epidemic list." 

Facebook May Get You to "Like" Condoms

One major objective in Secretary Clinton's plan is to promote condom use and distribution. Morse points out that Facebook, Twitter and other kinds of social media are the way to go. "Today everyone is a content creator in their own way," she says. "We have the power to create change through our social networks." Cook adds that YouTube and guerilla marketing from condom companies can have a major impact as well.

Planned Parenthood used Facebook to raise awareness when it launched its "Where Did You Wear It?" campaign earlier this year. The program invites users to check into a virtual map to show where they had safe sex.

Sex Ed Beyond Sixth Grade

Maybe the greatest criticism of sex ed in our country came, surprisingly, by way of the Lindsay Lohan movie "Mean Girls." In one scene the high school gym teacher lectures a class by saying, "If you do touch either, you will get chlamydia … and die." Now imagine if students could get a realistic approach to sex—one in which all forms of contraception got a thorough explanation, pregnancy wasn't the only fear, and homosexual sex got even a mention, considering that gay teens are one of the hardest hit groups in the country when it comes to HIV.

True sex education is one of our greatest tools in the fight against HIV and AIDS, says Moushumi Ghose, a sex therapist based in LA. "Education that informs about different types of sex, not just heterosexual, and that discusses different diseases and different forms of contraceptives needs to be mainstream, not just a course in the sixth grade," she says. Ghose also adds that we need to move beyond the blanket statement USE CONDOMS and make sure that we follow that up with information so that everyone can make knowledgeable choices.