How Technology Will Ruin Your Relationship

How AT&T Will Ruin Your Relationship

Don't let defective technology interfere with your love life!

I realize nothing is perfect, especially in the realm of technology, but between human error (e.g. sending a dirty text to your mom by mistake) to yet unresolved kinks in the system,cellphones are sometimes more of a hassle than they're worth. Adding to all this, some carriers don't allow you "favorite" folks who use competing carriers. So, you end up getting charged for minutes used dialing the people you call the most, and, I mean, just because you happen to fall in love with someone who uses a different carrier, do you deserve to be punished? The injustice!

To save money and overall annoyance, I was considering switching to the same carrier of those I call most — AT&T. But after this recent report re-verifying AT&T's inferiority, I'll wait for those in my life to switch to Verizon instead. Besides, with my luck, I'll make the jump to AT&T, the guy I'm dating will run off with someone who uses Sprint, and then where will I be? I'll be a single girl stuck with AT&T for at least year because I was silly enough to make such a concession for a guy. Ugh. Dating in the world of cellular phones isn't easy.

Does your cell phone carrier affect your relationship, too? Or am I just the only crazy one over here standing alone, on my tiptoes on my parents' couch trying to call my fella for the 15th time this week?

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