3 Reasons Demi Moore (Obviously) Loves Younger Men

Demi Moore

Demi Moore, who just hit a milestone at 50, has once again snagged a much younger man!

2. She wants to remain youthful.  Demi dates younger men as a way to feel more youthful and relate to a group she is no longer a part of. She once commented that the secret to her youthful life was laughter. When she turned 47, she told People she thinks of herself as "being about 5." Maybe her deeply youthful feelings make her more attracted to younger men. Demi and Ashton always made time to have fun together, which a younger man can do much easier than an older one. (Or so Demi must think.) Being with a younger man illuminates an older woman's energy as we have previously seen with all her fun dates with Ashton. We wonder what new and exhilarating dates the art dealer will take her on! Despite her cougar status (a nickname which makes her uncomfortable) we're happy she's back on the romance seen. Is it revenge or pure pleasure?

3. She enjoys the power. Demi is more experienced than many younger men out there, so she feels good teaching them a thing or two about life. According to People, Ashton once said that it is a man's job to compliment a woman, not upstage her.  While we agree with this, it definitely gave Demi more power to never be upstaged. Dating this new, younger man is quite the power play for her; he's younger than Ashton's new romantic partner (and sexiest woman) Mila Kunis! So what will she teach her new boyfriend and will he compliment her for the duration of the romance the way Ashton seemed to blend with her?

We love Demi Moore don't get us wrong, but do you think it's okay for a Mom to date within her daughter's age range?

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