Are Prince William & Kate Finally Ready To Have A Baby?

Prince William & Kate

Our favorite British couple may be expanding its brood!

"I'll keep that!" That's what Prince William said in response to a British young lady who handed him a homemade romper for his future son, that was inscribed with"Daddy's little co-pilot." Now, when will the baby be here to sport the new onesie?

Prince William accepted the gift during a walkabout in Cambridge this week. Did he really think no one noticed this nod toward being a parent? We're thrilled! We hope it comes true soon because we adore their quiet, peaceful duty to the country! The couple married in April 2011 and have had a few minor dissapointments (but it wasn't Kate's fault there was paparazzi!). Everyone just wanted to protect her because she's so good!

Prince William, an RAF Search and Rescue pilot was given the cute romper by 27-year-old Samantha Hill, from Sudbury, Suffolk who made the present and brought her four-week-old daughter to see the royals.

"I made it for when his little one comes along, he’s a helicopter pilot so his baby will think his daddy is cool," Hill told Mirror. "When I gave it to him he said 'I'll keep that' and handed it to his aide."

Kate walked through the crowd also, stopping to tickle babies' feet and greet fans of the couple and their children. A source close to Kate told Us Weekly that the two plan to become parents in 2013.

Tell us: So, do you think Will and Kate will have a child soon?

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