How to Speak so Your Man Really HEARS You


You've tried every way you know to hint at what you want from him.

You've tried every way you know to hint at what you want from him. And you finally abandoned subtlety for out-and-out pleading.

And maybe it's turning into a bit of a nag fest now; it makes you feel like a whiner when this happens! Why can't he just LISTEN to you the first time?

The truth is, he can't hear you the first time. Here's why.

Guys don't pick up hints.
It's totally true; where every single one of your girlfriends would totally and completely GET IT if you only subtly hinted that your birthday was coming up but you hate surprises. In other words, if a sweet and well-meaning co-worker was setting up a “surprise” birthday party for you, one of your gal pals would let you in on the secret ahead of time.

Unfortunately, your guy would not have a clue what, exactly, to do with that information.

So change your approach. Let's say you want him to take you out to see a great local band this weekend. Rather than saying any of the following...

I'm not really doing much this weekend. What do you have going on?
I'd love to see Band X. They're playing this weekend. Have you seen them?
I haven't been out dancing in forever!

Instead try...

Band X is playing at Decker's this Saturday night. Johnathan, it would make me feel awesome if you took me!

If there's one thing a man wants to do, it's to be given a clear task he knows he can complete in order to win the admiration and happiness of a beautiful woman like you.

Make sure you don't spend a lot of time building up your case, talking about all the possibilities, or being in any way unclear about what, specifically, you want him to do and how it will make you feel. It's just too easy for him to get lost in an ocean of words.

The simple secret formula...
It's not really so secret, but it's amazingly simple. Just use his name, tell him how it would make you feel, and be specific with your desire.

His name + your feeling + task for him = success!

Using his name is a great way to rivet his attention directly on you as you make your request. It sounds awful, but it's the same thing you would do when you're calling your dog to bring you his toy. :) You use his name, which immediately draws his attention.

Telling him how it will make you feel is the real clincher. A man wants to please his woman, he really does. Think how that makes him feel, to know that he's the kind of guy who can keep a woman happy. Or make her excited. Or give her delicious shivers up her spine... Hm, is that giving you some ideas? Thought it might. This exact same principle works WONDERS in the bedroom, too.

Remember to pitch your request in a positive, rather than a negative manner. Saying “Jonathan, I would be miserable if I missed Band X at Decker's on Saturday” is not nearly as compelling as the positive request.

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