To My Boyfriend With Love: Here’s My Christmas Wish List


I love Christmas. The presents, snow, music, desserts and shopping make me happy. This year, I finally have a boyfriend, and I really want him to buy me the perfect present. I have a great idea in mind for his gift, and it’s only right that he give me a great gift too. Will he be thoughtful, though, and buy me something I want? Maybe you all could read my list and tell me if it’s reasonable.


Foot Rubs

After a long day at work, I simply want to come home, kick off my shoes and sit down for a little while. He would really impress me with monthly coupons for a free foot rub. While he’s relaxing my tired feet, we could talk about our day and unwind before making dinner together. That sounds like a nearly perfect date, and best of all, I’d be happy to give him one in return (as long as he remembers to give me mine first).


I love a good perfume, and I found the perfect fragrance last month when we were walking around the mall. It’s called White Diamonds, and it smells earthy and delicious. He said he liked the sample I tried on. I’m wishing for a bottle of that perfume with my name on it under the tree. Hopefully, he realizes he’s supposed to be the one who buys it for me!

AAA Membership

I know it sounds corny and totally unromantic, but I drive a lot for work. I can’t afford a new car just yet so I worry sometimes that my aging hunk of metal will give up the ghost in the middle of nowhere during a blizzard. An AAA membership would give me peace of mind, but I’d settle for a satellite radio or once-a-month fuel fill-ups. After all, he wants me to enjoy the ride and arrive home safely, doesn’t he?


We’re not serious enough for a diamond ring or anything like that, but a small token of his love would really make my holiday even more special. I’ve been looking online at a necklace that includes a heart shaped pendant with a small birthstone in the center. My birthstone has always reminded me of my family. Since my boyfriend’s meeting many of my extended family members for the first time this Christmas, this thoughtful necklace would be a great icebreaker as I introduce him to everyone.


I love displaying pictures of my friends and family throughout my apartment. A pretty, floral frame with a picture of us would fit perfectly on my nightstand. I saw a great one the other day when we were window shopping together downtown. I pointed it out and mentioned how great it would look with a picture of us in it. I hope he took the hint!

Christmas is just around the corner. I don’t want to be unreasonable in my expectations this year, but I do want my boyfriend to give me a Christmas present that rocks. If you ladies think my list sounds reasonable, I’ll start giving hints. This Christmas is looking like it might be the best one ever!

About the author: Danielle write on behalf of Sears and other brands she uses.